Animal-AI in 2021

Introducing Bounties

We learned a lot from running the competition in 2019. Prizes and a competition are motivating, but having strict time limits does not suit everyone, and is not ideal for research problems that may take years to solve. To try to get the best of both worlds we will be releasing a set of AAI bounties. There will be new sets of hidden tasks (similar to those used in the competition). As before, it will be possible to upload agents that will be run on our private test server and we will keep a live leaderboard of progress. The first team to solve a particular set of tasks will claim its bounty.

The types of bounties we will use have not been finalised yet, but we expect the list to include elements like this:

  • Spatial Memory (Navigation in Mazes)
  • Transparent Objects
  • Object Permanence
  • Internal Models
  • Tool Use
  • Creativity

This will use the current Animal-AI 2.0 (with only minor changes if any). Many more details/updates to come later.